Ohganix Why Organic InfographicWhy Choose Organic?

The most obvious reasons for choosing organic clothing are the environmental and sustainability factors. Did you know that the cotton industry uses over 25% of our industry’s pesticides to produce the crop? Or, for every pair of jeans or t-shirt that is made with cotton that approximately 1 pound of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used? ..Yuck!!

In addition, most undergarments worn today are made from polyester and nylon fabrics derived from petrochemicals. Like most petroleum products, these fabrics have a very slow decay rate; thus, accumulating in landfills around the world.

How does this directly affect you and your health?

Our skin absorbs over 60% of whatever it comes in contact with, therefore it should be the most protected organ in our body. However, we are incapable of doing protecting our skin when there can be over 8,000 chemicals that are used in the manufacture of the clothing we wear on a daily basis.

Simply said, (and bluntly) the toxins in our clothes are killing us!

When chemicals are absorbed through our skin, our body does not have a filtration system as we do when we ingest food. Anything we consume (food, drink, etc) gets detoxified through the liver and then travels through the large intestines where it exits from the body. Whereas, chemicals we take in through our skin absorb directly into our body’s tissues and then into our lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is then supposed to clear our body of any toxic waste but if it is clogged from previous chemicals it is not able to perform it’s job correctly.

Furthermore, clothing made with synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon do not allow our skin to breathe properly; therefore suffocating whatever waste our body is trying to remove.

Toxins that are stored in our body for too long can contribute to the formation of cancer cells… Hmmm, light bulb!!… Do you think there is a link between the skyrocketing “laundry list” of illness and disease?

We could go on and on about why it is important to wear organic fibers but now it’s time to move on to the good stuff!

What is so great about our fabric?

*Facts referenced from Brian and Anna Maria Clement’s book “Killer Clothes”