Recently a California Senate committee passed the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.  This bill reclassifies hemp in America to be separate from marijuana and allowing farmers to legally grow the crop.  If passed by the full California Senate, the law would make the State the 9th State to reclassify this crop.

fordHemp in America has had much controversy in past times and there is much debate on whether the crop should be legalized due to agitation that farmers will mix hemp with the marijuana plant for cultivation (which is not legalized for global farming due to its THC content).  Hemp has been known as a WONDER CROP, being used for clothing, food, fuel, and a slew of consumer and building products.  Yes, I said FUEL! Hemp can be processed into a biodiesel just like vegetable oils can. Hemp can also be used for paper and plastics.  Being a far more renewable resource then wood pulp, hemp paper has been around for over 2,000 years.  Plastics from hemp made products such as a car made my Henry Ford in the 1940s with a hemp/soy plastic.

While hemp textiles date back to 8,000 BC, hemp clothing has come a long way from the burlap sack type material we had known it to be in the past.  New technologies in the textile industry have given the fiber a soft luxurious hand while still retaining its natural elements.

Hemp is one of the preferred fabrics to use for our Ohganix apparel along with Organic Cotton due to is soft hand, resilience and durability, breathability, natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and being one of the most sustainable crops in the world.

We are hoping that California along with all the United States of America LEGALIZE THE CULTIVATION OF HEMP.  Legalizing hemp would be a forward step in boosting our economic stability as well as our public health.

For more information visit: North American Industrial Hemp Council


~Industrialization of Hemp in America

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