There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Monsanto and GMO foods, but companies are not only genetically modifying foods. They’re doing it to natural clothing fibers as well, to cotton especially (it is to help reduce the use of pesticides they claim). Cotton, is three times as important to make sure it stays in its natural state because, not only do we wear the fiber, but the seeds are also used as feed for animals, and oils that we use in our kitchens.

Although the modifications in cotton have reduced the exposure to one pest called the bollworm, it has increased the exposure to new pests that were not a problem before.  In China, they have had to develop and come up with new stronger pesticides that can not only be compatible with the BT strain but also fight off the new insects that are now attacking crops. In India where GMO cotton has been promoted as being a big success, through further research it has been found that crop yields were actually increasing prior to the use of the BT strain cotton. Now that most of India has invested in GMO cotton, its yield reports for cotton have actually been declining. They have found cattle dying from feeding off of fields near GMO cotton; workers with unknown illnesses, and many fruit trees have stopped flowering as well.

GM cotton

Another risk is skin exposure and bad reactions to the toxin BT; not only to the people wearing the clothing, but also to the workers that farm the land. There have been numerous reports of workers throughout Asia having extreme and severe rashes from working with the cotton that has been given the strain of the BT toxin that helps to ward off bollworms.

I commend people for wanting to make the world a better place, but instead of trying to change nature they should really focus on trying to figure out a way for us as human beings to live within nature itself once again.

It is important to know that buying organic clothing is much better for your health and the health of your loved ones. Each organic fiber-clothing item you buy for your family eliminates the use of approximately 150 grams of the agricultural chemicals used on non-organic cotton. This is why we LOVE our Ohganix organic cotton apparel made with the finest organic cotton.

~ GMO Cotton Uncovered


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