How do you know if you have a clothing allergy? Have you ever experienced or do you often experience a reoccurring rash and you can not seem to figure out where it came from? Your clothes may be the culprit.  Allergic reactions to clothing is very common.

9-Eczema_Clothing-300x255Eczema From Clothing

Causes of these reactions are usually due to dyes, glues, formaldehyde finishes, synthetic fibers, and chemical additives added to the fabric in processing. The most common skin allergy is contact dermatitis. Waistbands in bras, undergarments, pants, etc. can also be the cause of a contact dermatitis reaction. (Waistbands made with latex can be a big irritant for many people). Contact dermatitis signs and symptoms include: itching, burning, stinging, red rash and bumps, skin inflammation, and dry cracked red patches that may resemble a burn. Other allergies such as follculitis or acne can be caused by clothing or fabric that has been contaminated with oils, grease, and other poor clogging substances. Eczema is another skin allergy that can be irritated by your clothing, especially if it is tight on the body and/or made of synthetic fibers.

Allergic reactions are caused by your cells antibody response to chemicals entering the skin. Your skin absorbs the chemicals and in response has an inflammatory reaction to purge the toxins in order to clean your skins immune system.

rash-400x400Clothing Allergy

If you know you have a clothing allergy, it is best to avoid wearing the type of clothing that causes the allergy. Stay away from synthetic fibers such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, and latex and wear clothing made from breathable natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, tencel, modal, and linen. Speak with your physician if you develop an allergic skin inflammation for proper diagnosis and treatment. You can also have your doctor perform an allergy test to determine the exact additive that is causing your reaction.



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