Fabric made from milk

Fabric Made from Milk?

Fabric made from milk?…

Think twice before you throw away your spoiled milk!  Rather than stinking up your trash can, that milk could become a t-shirt!

Milk fabric has been around since the 1930’s but a new chemically free process has been developed by a biochemist / fashion designer, Anke Domaske, to turn these milk fibers into fashion. This German based company, QMilch, has developed a fabric that is completely made from wasted milk. The fabric is soft, sustainable and non-allergenic.

Industrialization of Hemp in America

Recently a California Senate committee passed the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.  This bill reclassifies hemp in America to be separate from marijuana and allowing farmers to legally grow the crop.  If passed by the full California Senate, the law would make the State the 9th State to reclassify this crop.