Body Morphing for Fashion – Why Bras and Corsets are Unhealthy

Body Morphing for Fashion – Why Bras and Corsets are Unhealthy

Would you purposefully squish your organs or cut off the lymph flow in your body?  I assume you responded with a resounding no to that question…so why would you do that in the name of fashion?  Strained organs, compressed rib cages, and serious health issues with respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems are just some of the proven causes from wearing corsets and bras.

Dating back to the early 19th century, a comprehensive study of x-rays was taken by Dr. Ludovic O’Followell of women wearing corsets.  O’Followell’s x-ray results showed organ and ribcage displacement relating to daily wear of corsets.

In addition to corsets, bras can also be an unhealthy garment to wear.  Bras evolved out of the evolution of the corset.  As the fashion of the corset squeezed the breasts and forced them upward, this look soon became the attraction behind the corset and eventually led to the design of the brassiere.   Little did women know, the vanity of wearing a slimming corset or a push up brassiere has a detrimental effect on one’s health.

Most women wear bras to support the breasts and prevent them from sagging; wearing bras however does the opposite of this.  Most bras are restrictive and do not allow the breasts and breast tissue to move naturally along with a women’s daily activities.  Because of this, the supportive ligaments surrounding the breasts weaken and lose the ability to hold up the breasts.  Ever heard of the saying, “If you don’t use it you lose it”?  This is what happens when the breast tissue around the breasts are constantly supported by a bra and are not able to get their daily “workout” from the natural up and down movement.  Additionally, the restriction from bras are harmful because the breasts are one of the largest lymph areas in a women’s body.  (The lymph is a colorless fluid which bathes the tissues and drains into the blood stream.) The lymph is what clears the body of toxins and harmful cells which produce many health issues including cancers such as cancer of the breast.  If the breasts are not able to move naturally and stimulate the lymph to flow, these toxins and harmful cells build up and health issues arise.  In addition, most modern bras are made from polyester (a petroleum-based product) along with other synthetic fabrics and treated with numerous chemicals that are used to make them wrinkle free, add luster to the fabric, and add many more “fashionable” features.  These synthetic fabrics do not allow the skin to breath and suffocate the lymph further.  In addition, the chemical additives are absorbed into the skin, adding to the build-up of more toxins in the body.  For more information on the women’s lymph system and the health implications of wearing a bra, read our previous blog post:

This information is important to know when shopping for slimming undergarments and “fashionable bras”.  When buying undergarments, it is important to select styles that are made from natural organic fabrics and which allow the bodies lymph system to freely move and detox throughout the day.  All of our Ohganix bras and undergarments are made to support and facilitate the natural lymph flow and detoxification of the body; having support in just the right areas yet allowing for natural movement.

Note from the author:  I am among the many who like to look good in the name of fashion. I also like to feel sexy and beautiful in my undergarments.  It is tough to be a woman in this fashion driven world and we should not have to sacrifice fashion for our health.  This was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Ohganix; to provide a sexy and healthy alternative to the current offerings on the market.  Ohganix is a line of undergarments that promote the greater health of those who wear them while not having to sacrifice function for fashion or health for hip. ~Michelle Kramer, President/Designer.


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