The hot Summer months can be unbearable. Scorching days can have you held captive in air-conditioned buildings to beat the heat. Rather than baking under the sweltering rays of the sun, you can help to combat the rays with some simple tips such as the type of clothing that you wear.

Choose to wear clothing that is made from natural fibers, which allow your skin to breathe and detoxify properly when your pores open and sweat is released from your body. Fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, and hemp are all optimal materials for summer apparel. These fibers have natural temperature regulating properties and also help to wick moisture away from the body while absorbing it into the fibers instead of repelling it.

Synthetic fibers do the opposite; they suffocate the skin while trapping in heat and sweat. On top of that, they release Hotnoxious chemicals that can get absorbed into the skin.

Another great benefit of natural fibers is that most have a natural UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to defend your skin from UV radiation. Furthermore, garments dyed with natural colorants such as those derived from plants, clays and insects dramatically increase the UPF protective values.

Here at Ohganix we offer organic cotton apparel that has been dyed naturally with clay dyes, offering a UPF value of 50+! This means that it blocks the skin from 97.5% to 98%+ of UV radiation.

Natural fibered clothing that is free of synthetic fiber blends such as polyester and also free of harmful chemical finishes and dyes is the best choice to help you cool down for the Summer. Although this apparel will not completely shield you from the sun and the heat, it will help to keep your body temperature regulated and to help protect you from the suns UV rays. Keep these tips in mind when looking for new garments to add to your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

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