Ohganix Living Lifestyle is a non-profit collective of organic and ethical apparel and goods. Owned and operated by Hippocrates Health Institute (a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization) located in West Palm Beach, FL, where we have over six decades in business of “Helping people help themselves” by sharing our expertise in natural wellness to transform people’s health.
Our marketplace offers the highest quality organic, sustainable, fair-trade apparel, accessories, and home goods on the market by collaborating with the most ethical manufacturers throughout the world. We work together with these manufacturers to offer the finest natural apparel and goods in the industry and provide the most extensive collection of unique offerings for our customer.
Each company we work with is selectively hand-picked according to our OHGANIX STANDARDS to insure every product we offer is made with the highest level of QUALITY and CARE, attention to DETAIL, and has as MINIMAL of an environmental IMPACT as possible. Our company standards also insure our garments are made from materials that are as PURE and NATURAL as possible for the better health of those who wear them.

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We use our profits for the power of good by giving back to our communities while globally educating on the importance of wearing organic and natural fibered clothing and the impact it has on one’s health and the health of the environment. Our commitment to making a difference both environmentally and personally in people’s lives is our utmost driver in building this brand. Thank you for supporting our mission and dedication to the cause. Please visit our sister company: to learn about the Hippocrates Living Lifestyle that will further protect you from environmental hazards.