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Organic & Ethical Apparel & Goods

Ohganix is a non-profit collective of organic & ethical apparel & goods. Offering the highest quality sustainable, fair trade apparel, accessories, and home goods.


Your skin is the largest organ of your body, absorbing over 60% of whatever it comes in contact with. Choose to wear organic apparel and give yourself the gift of health!

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Recent Blog Posts

Tips to help you learn how to read clothing labels – How to find sustainable, eco friendly garments

Do you get confused by some of the content listed on clothing tags and care labels? Just like food labels, there is so much to look for when reading clothing labels and tags. Similar to food labeling, there is required content that has to be listed on garment labels; of which can be quite confusing […]

Plastic Bottles

Why We Do Not Use Recycled Polyester in our Clothing

  Finding new and innovative ways to recycle all things that are doomed for a landfill is really great, however, turning plastics into a new t-shirt is one of the worst inventions yet. Here’s why… To make a plastic bottle it takes a significant amount of unsustainable resources including petrochemicals (yes petroleum) and natural gas. […]

Hot Summer

Beat the Heat with Breathable Apparel

The hot Summer months can be unbearable. Scorching days can have you held captive in air-conditioned buildings to beat the heat. Rather than baking under the sweltering rays of the sun, you can help to combat the rays with some simple tips such as the type of clothing that you wear.


Benefits of Organic Clothing

Buying organic clothing is much better for your health and the health of your loved ones.  In addition to receiving immediate benefit by reducing your exposure to toxins, you also reduce the exposure for future generations. Your health is important. So is the health of your loved ones and the health of future generations. When […]